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Made to Order

We understand that while our existing lineup offers a wide range of choices, you might be looking for a variant more tailored to your specific preferences that we don’t currently have in our catalog.

That's where our made to order variants come into play, designed to provide you with the flexibility to personalize our existing product offerings.


How Does It Work?

Ordering a made to order variant is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide:


  1. Start by exploring our existing product range. Choose the base product that best suits you.
  2. Choose a color that’s not currently offered for that product, for example, perhaps you’d like a Rana 15 in Sand, or an F.C. 13 Fox with Espresso trims like the R.F. 13 Fox?
  3. Email us through the button below with your request, or through our Contact page.
  4. We’ll send you a quote and the order link once the details are finalized.
  5. If all supplies for your order is in stock, we’ll ship your order in 1 week, if not we’ll inform you the timeline.



Please note that this is not a fully customized order option, but rather a way to provide you with our existing products that’s not currently available in the color that you want.

Minor changes might be possible, but a whole new design is not.

Color options for your made to order product are limited to those currently available in our catalog.


We look forward to providing you with a Cravar product that’s uniquely yours. Thank you


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